Our Heating Oil Price Protection Programs

Protect yourself from winter price spikes!

As a heating oil customer, you know there is always a possibility that prices can go up during the winter—when demand is greatest. World events and weather-related issues also influence the daily market price for heating oil.

Southville Petroleum has no control over the forces that affect heating oil prices, but we do have options to lessen your worries. If you’re a currently-enrolled Gold Service Contract customer you can take advantage of one of our three (3) heating oil price protection programs today!

1. Fixed Price Program

Once you enroll in our fixed price program, you don’t have to worry because your price will be locked in at one set rate for the entire season. No matter how high prices may go in the winter, your price will stay protected.

However, if market prices should fall below the fixed rate, your price will not change because we purchase fuel for you from our suppliers at the time we lock in your price. There is NO FEE associated with this program—it’s entirely for your benefit!

Contact us today for more details about our fixed price program.

2. Capped Price Program

Our Capped Price Program limits how much your price can rise, but not how far it can fall; if our retail price drops below the capped price, you pay whichever is lower! Each year, the capped price is determined by the retail market price. This program runs from September through the following May.

There is a one-time enrollment cost of $99 for this program because our suppliers charge us a premium for offering the “insurance” that allows us to keep your fuel price from skyrocketing, while also giving us the flexibility to lower your price should retail market prices fall.

The Capped Oil Price Program does not guarantee you will always save money. However it does give you more stability and protection against any potential price shocks!

3. Monthly Budget Plan

If you want to add further predictability to your fuel costs, then you’ll want to consider our monthly budget plan payment program. Sign up for this plan, at no charge, and we can spread out your annual fuel payments for as long as 11 months!