Heating Oil Price Protection Program

Protect yourself from price swings with a heating oil price cap

As a heating oil customer, you know that crude oil prices can swing up and down based on world events. If oil price volatility is something you worry about, Southville Petroleum has an option for you: our heating oil price protection option.No one can predict when or how much fuel prices may rise or fall, but we can help stabilize your expenses when you enroll in our price cap program. A cap not only protects you from rising prices; it also helps you benefit from falling prices because you’re not locked in at one fixed rate.

No matter how high world oil prices go, your price won’t rise above the established cap price. And when market prices fall below the cap, you pay the lower amount.

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If you want to add predictability to your fuel costs, then you’ll want to consider our monthly budget plan payment program, which allow you to spread your yearly fuel expenses over 11 months.

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