Enjoy peace of mind—and savings—with our heating system service plan!

Enrolling in our Gold Plan can help lower winter heating costs and avoid unwanted repairs.

Our full-service Gold Plan is the finest, most reasonably priced and all-encompassing plan of its kind in the industry. With its comprehensive coverage, you can rest easy knowing your indoor home comfort will be at its peak all year long.

Enjoy included annual heating equipment cleanings—and many covered repairs

With the Gold Plan, you will enjoy:

  • Reduced fuel usage — your equipment runs more efficiently and cleanly
  • Lower heating costs because of lower fuel consumption
  • Fewer equipment failures because worn parts are replaced and dirty elements are cleaned before they cause trouble
  • Longer equipment life due to reduced wear and tear on mechanical parts
  • Improved environmental protection with lower, cleaner fuel emissions

Our plan even includes an annual cleaning and oil burner tune-up to ensure optimum efficiency of your heating equipment!

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Gold Plan enrollment includes easy, convenient automatic delivery!

Our Gold Plan also provides our home heating oil fuel delivery customers with automatic fuel delivery service. We keep track of your fuel use and know exactly when you will need a delivery. This prevents your home from running out of fuel during peak use times.

To monitor your fuel usage, we use a “degree day” system, a method of measuring cold weather over time, which is one factor that affects how much fuel you have used. Another factor that helps us estimate your oil usage is your home’s K-factor (something like a miles-per-gallon rating for your home).

Based upon this knowledge, we will simply show up at your home and refill your fuel tank, so you’ll never run out of home heating oil—even during prolonged cold snaps.

Because we are watching your tank (and your back), you never have to worry about ordering fuel or running out of it…ever again!

Contact us to save money and time with a Southville Petroleum worry-free Gold Plan today!