Why Heating Oil Prices Are Impossible to Predict

It’s a question we get asked every year: “How much will I pay for my heating oil?” Although we hate to admit it, the honest answer is “we just don’t know.”

Busting Heating Oil Myths

People throughout the U.S. have been using heating oil to heat their homes since the 1920s, but it remains a misunderstood fuel source to this day.

Heating oil tank gauge

Keep an Eye on Your Heating Oil Tank Gauge!

As up and down as the temperature has been so far in 2018, it’s a little hard to predict how much heating oil you’ll use from week to week…

Thermometer freezing cold

30-Degree Weather Swings? Welcome to the New Normal

When it comes to Long Island weather these days, expect the unexpected: in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, temperatures dropped 30 degrees – and according to the latest forecasts, we’re due for a similar roller coaster ride in the coming weeks.

Refer a friend

Spread Good Cheer: Refer a Friend and Earn $100 toward Your Account!

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