Does heating oil spoil?

Chances are you  several times a year, then store it until it’s ready to be used. But how long can heating oil stay “fresh” for, and what happens if you burn heating oil that has been sitting in your tank for too long? The good news is that common No. 2 heating oil has a typical shelf life of about 18-24 months, so there is no need to panic if you didn’t finish up all your fuel after last heating season. Although older oil can still be used, over time its ability to generate heat diminishes; if burning your older […]

Why you should keep heating oil in your tank this summer

Well, it appears we’ve finally emerged from heating season (appropriate, considering that it’s almost June), but before you wave goodbye to your heating system for good – or at least for a few months – there are a couple of things you should do to put a bow on 2017-18.


Why Heating Oil Prices Are Impossible to Predict

It’s a question we get asked every year: “How much will I pay for my heating oil?” Although we hate to admit it, the honest answer is “we just don’t know.”

Busting Heating Oil Myths

People throughout the U.S. have been using heating oil to heat their homes since the 1920s, but it remains a misunderstood fuel source to this day.

Heating oil tank gauge

Keep an Eye on Your Heating Oil Tank Gauge!

As up and down as the temperature has been so far in 2018, it’s a little hard to predict how much heating oil you’ll use from week to week…