Automatic heating oil delivery

Reduce your chance of a run-out with automatic heating oil delivery

Most people have a lot on their mind these days – especially during the fall and winter, when school and family obligations can quickly fill our physical and mental calendars. With all that’s going on, it’s easy to forget about that little gauge on your heating oil tank – you know, the one that tells you whether or not you’re going to sleep in a warm house tonight. Being without heat during winter here in Suffolk County is not fun. But running out of heating oil can cause other problems, too: for example, getting down to the dregs of your […]

Home heating oil safe

Is heating oil safe?

Heating oil has been a mainstay in American home heating since the 1920s (especially here in the Northeast), and for good reason: when you consider the cost of fuel and the durability of oil-fired heating equipment, it just may be the best heating value for your Long Island home. But how does heating oil stack up when it comes to safety? As it turns out, heating oil is probably your best bet on that score, too. The safety of heating oil starts with the properties of the fuel itself: unlike natural gas or propane, heating oil will not burn at […]

What is automatic heating oil delivery?

Fall and winter can be a pretty busy time of the year, filled with school and work commitments, and eventually, the holiday season. With all of that on your plate, the last thing you probably want to think about is the fuel gauge on your heating oil tank, or the phone call you will have to make to schedule your home heating oil delivery. Unfortunately, you will have to if you want to avoid a no-heat emergency, or other consequences of a fuel run-out – unless you choose automatic heating oil delivery from Southville Petroleum. Automatic delivery is available at no […]

When should I buy my heating oil?

The dog days of August might not be the time you typically spend a lot of time thinking about heating oil – but perhaps you should, especially this year. You see, heating oil prices are currently down about 20 percent from where they were last year at this time. In large part that’s due to shifts in the global market for oil…but low offseason demand for fuel also helps. Protect yourself from heating season spikes with our fixed price program Since so many unpredictable factors affect the price of heating oil (the weather, politics, and global market forces, to name three […]

Think Out of the (Mail) Box: Switch to Online Billing from Southville Petroleum

Change isn’t always easy – Consider how you pay your bills, for example: if you have been paying for your heating oil deliveries with monthly checks, it would be easy to keep right on doing that – even if you find yourself scrambling every month to do it and occasionally suffering for that tardiness with a late fee. But there is a simple and more convenient way to pay the heating bill for your Nassau or Suffolk County home: Online billing from Southville Petroleum! Switch to online bill paying from Southville Petroleum and you will enjoy: Instant payment – When […]