Diesel Fuel Efficiency Tips For Your Fleet

Fleet Fueling Is just One Way to Control Fuel Costs We’ve been operating a fleet of diesel trucks for a while—delivering heating oil and fuel to customers across central Suffolk and eastern Nassau counties for 30-plus years. We know that the price of diesel fuel can been volatile, and yet it’s a nonnegotiable cost of doing business, for us and for many of our commercial customers. Fleet fueling, rather than paying retail is one smart way to help keep diesel fuel costs under control. But when so much about the cost of fuel is out of your control, it’s important […]

Is It Time for a Heating Oil Delivery?

Believe It or Not, Spring and Summer Fill-ups Are a Smart Move Here in Central Long Island, temperatures might fall low enough that you want to put on the heat some nights in May. But who thinks about heat or heating oil deliveries in June? It might seem crazy, but late spring and early summer is the perfect time for a heating oil delivery. Temperatures Rise, Prices Fall There are many factors that can make heating oil prices rise and fall, and some are unpredictable, like geopolitics. Others follow fairly regular patterns. One pricing trend you can usually count on, […]

The Different Types of Commercial Fuel

Have Questions About Commercial Diesel? We’ve Got Answers Not many passenger cars run on diesel, and most people think of it as exclusively for huge commercial trucks. And they’re right: Diesel offers more power, gasoline delivers speed. But if you operate a commercial fleet, you may have also noticed that there’s two types of commercial fuel: on-road and off-road—and one of them costs less. And, you probably want to know the difference between on- and off-road diesel, and whether you can use the lower priced version! So what’s the difference? On-road or Off-road Diesel From a chemical perspective, both types […]

Discover the Convenience of Fleet Fueling

Let Southville Show You How to Save Time and Money Whether you need to fuel delivery vans, construction vehicles or farm equipment, Southville’s fleet-fueling services give you options for saving time and money. That’s not just good for your operation, but it helps you serve your customers better. Keeping costs down helps you keep your prices steady, too—something your customers will appreciate as much as quality service. Not familiar with fleet fueling? Here’s everything you need to how about how fleet-fueling works and how it can benefit your business. Improve Efficiency One of the main benefits to fleet fueling is […]

Is It Time for a Heating Oil Delivery?

Here’s How to Make Fill-ups Easy After a roller-coaster winter like we had, with mostly mild temperatures and very little snow, punctuated by bitter cold spells, it can be hard to gauge how much fuel you might have used over the season. Do you need a heating oil delivery to get you through the home stretch of March? The number of heating oil deliveries you’d need in a winter always depend on two main factors: the size of your tank and the weather. The colder it is, the more heating oil you burn, although more efficient equipment combined with a […]

5 Ways To Improve Diesel Fuel Efficiency

Tips To Reduce Fuel Costs When you operate a commercial fleet that runs on diesel fuel—whether they’re delivery trucks or construction vehicles—you know fuel efficiency is critical when it comes to keeping fueling costs under control. Diesel fuel prices fluctuate a lot—but another benefit of practicing fuel efficiency is that it’s better for the environment. The good news is that there are some fairly easy steps you can take to help make sure you’re running your diesel fleet efficiently. 1. Regular Maintenance and Tune-ups This is a now brainer, because keeping your vehicles in good shape is not only good […]

Does Heating Oil or Electric Home Heating Cost More?

The Answer Might Surprise You! The cost of heating your home is a big part of your annual expenses. Especially in the Northeast, and here on Long Island, where we can get the brunt of raw, blustery storms sweeping up the coast. We understand how important it is to manage those costs, especially when energy prices across the board can fluctuate so much from year to year. That’s why it’s important to make decisions about how to heat your home based on heating power and efficiency, not just a price. Because while the cost of any type of fuel can […]

Commercial Fuel Options for Your Fleet

For Commercial Dual-Fuel Needs, Trust Southville When it comes to convenient commercial fleet fueling services, Southville is the partner you’ve been looking for. We’re proud of our commercial and business partnerships and we’re proud to support the local economy. From agriculture to warehouses, and from construction to hospitality, businesses large and small across from central Suffolk county to eastern Nassau county count on us for the gasoline and diesel fuels they need to get the job done. Why? Our commercial customers know we’re committed to delivering real value that goes beyond competitive prices. We provide easy ordering and on-time deliveries […]

Ready For Winter? Get A Heating Oil Delivery!

Have a Warm and Hassle-free Season with Southville’s Winter Prep List If you think waiting for the first frost to order a heating oil delivery might save you some money, think again. Why? As temperatures fall, demand for heating oil goes up, and prices increase. Filling your tank now may help you avoid an expensive fill up later in the season. We’ve got two more reasons why waiting to call for a heating oil delivery isn’t a great idea. First, fall is a busy time of year, and as it gets closer to the holidays the pace doesn’t slow down. […]

How To Reduce Fleet Fueling Costs

Let Southville Help You Save Time and Money When your business depends on fuel to keep a fleet on the road, that fuel is more than just a line item in your budget. As a company that depends on our delivery fleet to serve our customers, we get it—and that’s why we understand how important it is for your business. If you operate a fleet of service vehicles, sending drivers to the gas station for a fill-up is not the smartest option. Let us show you all the ways diesel fleet fueling service can help you save time and money. Save […]