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refer a friend

Refer A friend And Save $100!

At Southville Petroleum, we work hard every day to deliver quality fuel and expert heating service to our loyal customers – and peace of mind to everyone in Nassau and Suffolk County who we serve throughout the fall, winter, and early spring. The question is, are we doing it well enough for you to recommend us to someone you know? If you like us enough to Refer a Friend, we will post a $100 credit to your account for each person you recommend who signs up as a Southville Petroleum customer. * The more people you bring into the Southville family, […]

Diesel Fuel: A Q&A For Trucking Weight Limits

How knowledgeable are you when it comes to diesel fuel? If you have your own trucking company, you know that you rely on diesel fuel every day to get your loads where they need to go. You also know that weighing your truck comes with the territory. But do you know how much your diesel fuel weighs, and how that weight might affect your planning? Here’s a quick Q&A to give you the basics. Q. How much does a gallon of diesel fuel weigh? A. Each gallon of diesel fuel sold in the U.S. weighs just less than seven pounds. […]

heating oil

Order Heating Oil Now, Prevent Problems Later

The first month of summer may not seem like an obvious time to schedule a heating oil delivery here in Suffolk County – but if your oil tank is less than half full, it might just be the best thing you can do for your home heating system. That’s because empty steel heating oil tanks are more vulnerable to a build-up of condensation (water) on its interior walls than one that is more than half-filled with fuel. Condensation creates two problems for your oil storage tank: First, a damp environment encourages the growth of bacteria within your fuel; over time, that […]

heating oil budget plan

How About A Heating Oil Budget Plan For More Predictable Bills?

With things are as hard to predict, as they are right now, anything that adds a little certainty to our lives is a good thing. That’s just what a budget plan from Southville Petroleum can do! If you pay for your heating oil deliveries as you go, you have probably gotten at least one unwelcomed surprise in your mailbox during a particularly cold stretch here in Long Island. If you sign up for our budget plan, those unexpected billing spikes would become a thing of the past. Here’s how it works: we’ll estimate of your annual heating oil use based […]

heating system tune up

Heating Tune-up: Why Spring Is The Perfect Time

With most of us home more than usual these days, it’s important to keep all our home comfort systems running like clockwork – even our heating systems, which we will need for cooler evenings right into June here in Nassau and Suffolk counties. After months of working to keep your family warm, your furnace or boiler is ready for a little professional TLC – especially since you’ve probably been using your heating season more than usual this year with the onset of COVID-19. By keeping up-to-date with your routine heating equipment maintenance, you will: Keep your heating system running at peak […]