Make the switch to EZ Pay and make your life easier in 2019/20

Believe it or not, we’re creeping up on the first month of Summer 2019 here in Long Island, which means the worst of heating season 2018/2019 is behind us. It was certainly an up-and-down winter and spring weather-wise here in Long Island – and billing-wise, too, if you were a Southville Petroleum Will Call customer. But if you were a Southville Budget Plan customer, you avoided the billing rollercoaster altogether. That’s because our Budget Plan divides your annual heating bill into 11 equal installments (rather than four or five), with one adjustment bill (or credit) per year. The result? You’ll pay […]

Show your Earth Day spirit by…filling your heating oil tank!

April 22, 2019 will mark the 49th trip around the sun for Earth Day – an event conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson as a teach-in for eco-friendly ideas that help reduce our impact on the planet. One of the most important ways to reduce our impact is to make smart choices about the way we heat our homes; the good news is that when you become a Southville Petroleum heating oil customer, you will be doing just that! That’s because as of July of last year, all heating oil delivered by Southville is ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) with a […]


How Are Heating Oil Prices Determined?

As you may have noticed, the price you pay for home heating oil can change – sometimes quite a bit – from one heating season to the next. The question is, why does this happen?

Clear vs. dyed diesel fuel?

There was a time when all diesel fuel sold in the U.S. was dye-free. But times have changed. The U.S. government now requires diesel gas to be sold in one of three ways: clear, and colored with red or blue dye. If you are new to buying diesel, it is critical to understand the tax and legal differences among these three varieties of fuel. Here is the low-down: Clear diesel – Clear diesel is an on-road vehicle-grade fuel that is available for sale at gas stations throughout the U.S. This type of fuel is meant for use by the vehicles that […]

Please let us know how we’re doing

At Southville Petroleum, our expert technicians, friendly customer service team, and dedicated drivers work hard every day to deliver on our commitment to provide excellent and personal heating service and peace of mind throughout the fall, winter, and early spring. The question is: how well are we doing it? If you’ve had a visit from the Southville Petroleum crew recently – whether for a heating oil delivery for your home, an ultra-low-sulfur diesel delivery for your Long Island business, expert heating equipment service for your oil-fired furnace, boiler, or burner, or any of the other convenient services we offer, we would […]