Get More Predictable Bills With No Fees Or Finance Charges – Try The Southville Heating Oil Budget Plan!

About 80 percent of your annual heating bill comes during the dead of winter – just in time for the holidays.


But what if it didn’t have to? What if you could relieve some of that winter bill pressure and make your fuel costs predictable all year long, and do it all with no fees or finance costs?

You can, with Southville’s Heating Oil Budget Plan.

Here’s how it works: we’ll look at the average number of fuel gallons you’ve used over the last few years, then divide that total into 11 equal payments (with one adjustment payment, up or down, per year). Imagine how much easier it will be to budget every month knowing exactly what your energy bill will be throughout the year!

And best of all, there are no fees or finance charges for this service – just think of it as free peace of mind.

Make your bill paying more predictable and less stressful in the year to come – all without spending one penny more! Contact us today to get started with Long Island’s best Heating Oil Budget Plan – exclusively from Southville Petroleum!