Make the switch to EZ Pay and make your life easier in 2019/20

Believe it or not, we’re creeping up on the first month of Summer 2019 here in Long Island, which means the worst of heating season 2018/2019 is behind us. It was certainly an up-and-down winter and spring weather-wise here in Long Island – and billing-wise, too, if you were a Southville Petroleum Will Call customer.

But if you were a Southville Budget Plan customer, you avoided the billing rollercoaster altogether.

That’s because our Budget Plan divides your annual heating bill into 11 equal installments (rather than four or five), with one adjustment bill (or credit) per year. The result? You’ll pay the same amount for fuel every month no matter how much heating oil you use.

With your credit card on file, we can deduct your payments automatically, so you never have to remember to pay your fuel bill!

Two other ways to make next heating season easier

Predictable bills are great, but bill paying isn’t the only source of stress during heating season: equipment breakdowns and emergency heating oil run-outs aren’t fun either.

Fortunately, we have service solutions for those problems, too. Check out these options:

  1. The Southville Petroleum Gold Plan – Sign up for our full-service Southville Gold Plan and you’ll get two stress-busting benefits: FREE Automatic Delivery, which helps you avoid heating oil run-outs and delivery hassles, and our Heating Service Plan, which includes comprehensive seasonal tune-ups, guaranteed 24-hour emergency service, discounted repairs on covered parts, and more.
  2. Price Protection – Part of what makes heating bills unpredictable is that the price of heating oil changes from month to month…even day-to-day. But when you sign up for Fixed Price Program, you’ll lock in your heating oil price for the season. Combine Fixed Price with our Budget Plan for the ultimate in “set-it-and-forget-it” heating oil service.

Get ready – enrollment for our Budget Plan begins in June! Contact us today to learn more about our Budget Plan and other Southville Petroleum services that can make your life easier in the months ahead.