Summer: A great time for heating system maintenance

Heating season 2018/19 may not have been the most intense we’ve ever experienced here in Suffolk County, but what it lacked in intensity, it more than made up for in length, with temps dipping down into the upper 40s at night well into June.

But as we know, this too will pass: sooner or later, you’ll be setting that thermostat for “cool” and welcoming in another Long Island beach season. Before that time comes, however, you might think about taking care of one last heating season task before donning to your swim suit: schedule service for your heating system.

We’ve spoken many times on this blog about the importance of preventative heating maintenance, and how it pays for itself by improving equipment efficiency and preventing costly heating repairs. What we’ve talked about less often is how busy schedules get toward the end of summer for our expert heating technicians.

Why not avoid the crowds and get your heating equipment serviced now?

Choose a full-service Gold Plan from Southville Petroleum and you will rest easy knowing your indoor home comfort will be at its peak all year long. For just $125, you’ll get an annual cleaning and oil burner tune-up, plus labor and replacement coverage for nearly 50 heating system parts. Additional coverage is available for your water heater, additional heating systems, and more – see our service brochure for more information, or simply call our experts for a detailed service quote.

Enjoy the benefits of professional maintenance from day 1 of heating season 2019/20 – including Automatic Delivery!

One great reason to schedule your heating maintenance now is that you will enjoy the benefits to your equipment Day 1 of heating season 2019/20 (don’t worry, heating maintenance work doesn’t “wear off” when your system sits idle during the heating offseason).

You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of automatic heating oil delivery, which is included in your Service Plan!

Summer is a great time for routine heating system service – contact us today to sign up for a high-value Gold Service Plan from Southville Petroleum.