What is automatic heating oil delivery?

Fall and winter can be a pretty busy time of the year, filled with school and work commitments, and eventually, the holiday season.

With all of that on your plate, the last thing you probably want to think about is the fuel gauge on your heating oil tank, or the phone call you will have to make to schedule your home heating oil delivery.

Unfortunately, you will have to if you want to avoid a no-heat emergency, or other consequences of a fuel run-out – unless you choose automatic heating oil delivery from Southville Petroleum.

Automatic delivery is available at no additional cost to you, and you will never pay for heating oil that you don’t use. Here are some other automatic heating oil delivery basics:

Let Southville Petroleum take the hassle out of managing your home heating oil supply with automatic delivery! Contact us today to learn more, or sign up for our full-service Gold Service Plan, which includes automatic delivery!

*One “degree day” is allotted for each degree below 65 that the average temperature reaches in your location on a given day. For example, if the average temperature is 35 degrees, 30-degree days are added to fuel your estimate).