Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Reduces Your Chance Of Run-out

Automatic heating oil delivery

Most people have a lot on their mind these days – especially during the fall and winter, when school and family obligations can quickly fill our physical and mental calendars. With all that’s going on, it’s easy to forget about that little gauge on your heating oil tank – you know, the one that tells you whether or not you’re going to sleep in a warm house tonight.

Being without heat during winter here in Suffolk County is not fun. But running out of heating oil can cause other problems, too: for example, getting down to the dregs of your oil tank can dredge up fuel line-clogging sludge that can wreak havoc on your heating system.

The bottom line is the running out of fuel is something you want to avoid. The good news is that you can make run-outs much less likely when you sign up for automatic delivery from Southville Petroleum.

What Automatic Delivery Looks Like

Included as part of your comprehensive Gold Service Plan, automatic delivery works by using a series of highly accurate, computer modeled estimates of how much fuel you will use (based on your usage in the past) and how much fuel you will need (based on a “degree day” formula”, which estimates how much heating fuel a home your size would use given current weather conditions). When your tank reaches about one-quarter full, we will schedule your delivery.

As an automatic delivery customer, you will receive priority service during periods of high fuel demand; as a Will Call customer, you may have to wait for your heating oil delivery.

There is no fee charged for automatic delivery because it benefits us, too: if we know when you need heating oil, we can schedule our delivery routes more efficiently, which means we can serve more customers and avoid having to divert crews to deal with emergency run-outs.

Sign up for a Southville Gold Service Plan and get automatic heating oil delivery FREE! Let us take the hassle out of managing your home heating oil supply – contact us today to become a Southville Petroleum customer.