Furnace Air Filter: Have You Checked Yours Lately?

furnace air filter change central suffolk eastern nassauYour furnace puts in long hours during the winter as it works to keep your home warm and comfortable.

So does its air filter.

A furnace air filter is tasked with removing the hair, dust and other particles that routinely circulate through the air in your home; if you haven’t checked in on your filter since before the holidays, you are overdue for a look.

Here’s why: when an air filter clogs, it traps heated air before it has a chance to flow into your home, making your furnace work harder to do its job.

Long term overwork of your furnace will lead to:

The good news is you can avoid many of these problems simply by checking your furnace filter once a month during heating season. It takes less than five minutes to do, and replacement filters are generally fairly inexpensive.

See your owner’s manual to learn how to check your filter – if you have any problems, just contact us.

Check your furnace air filter once a month to avoid unnecessary heating repairs and premature heating system breakdowns. Want another way to avoid heating problems? Get your equipment serviced by a professional every year. The Southville Petroleum Gold Service Plan includes routine maintenance (including filter replacement), plus discounted repairs, priority service, automatic heating oil delivery, and more. Contact us today to learn more!