Order Heating Oil Now, Prevent Problems Later

heating oil

The first month of summer may not seem like an obvious time to schedule a heating oil delivery here in Suffolk County – but if your oil tank is less than half full, it might just be the best thing you can do for your home heating system.

That’s because empty steel heating oil tanks are more vulnerable to a build-up of condensation (water) on its interior walls than one that is more than half-filled with fuel.

Condensation creates two problems for your oil storage tank:

First, a damp environment encourages the growth of bacteria within your fuel; over time, that bacteria will break down the oil, transforming it into a thick sludge that will jam up your fuel line and burner nozzle.

Second, water – which is heavier than oil – will sink to the bottom of your oil tank where it will speed corrosion, causing leaks and a possible tank failure that you won’t see coming until it’s too late.

Needless to say, a failing heating oil tank is not a good thing for your property or your wallet.

The bottom line: Water inside your oil tank is bad, and one of the easiest way to prevent it from accumulating is to keep your tank at least half full during the offseason months. Filling your tank with oil now could be a good way to save some money, too, since heating oil prices in Long Island are often at their lowest during periods when demand for fuel is low.

Need an offseason heating oil delivery in Suffolk County, NY? Contact us and become a Southville Petroleum customer today. If you’re an existing Southville will-call customer, just call us to set up a delivery.

And while you’re at it, now is a great time to sign up for our heating oil Budget Plan and set yourself up for more predictable fuel bills next winter. Contact us today to learn more.