Automatic Heating Oil Delivery: FREE Peace Of Mind

automatic heating oil delivery

With everything that’s happening in the world these days, it’s easy to let little tasks like checking your fuel gauge or calling for a heating oil delivery slip through the cracks.

The only problem is that you can pay a heavy price for forgetting to do those “little” tasks, especially once temperatures start dipping later in the fall.

Besides the inconvenience and potential dangers of being trapped in a cold house on a frigid day, a heating oil runout can cause problems with clogged filters and fuel lines as sediment from the bottom of your heating oil tank enters your heating system. With no heat, you could also end up with frozen pipes, an issue which could cost you thousands of dollars in water damage.

Preventing Run-Out

The takeaway here? A heating oil run-out is no fun, and something you really want to avoid. The good news is there are several easy ways to do it, and most of them won’t cost you a dime! Here are four ways to prevent an oil run-out in 2020/21, and make things easier for yourself along the way:

What if I do run out of heating oil?

Sometimes the worst happens, despite the best of intentions (we’ve all been there)! If you do run out of fuel oil, please keep these tips in mind:

If you run out of heating oil this fall or winter, don’t panic – contact Southville. Our experts will take care of any problems that arise and refill your tank to keep your family safe and warm in your Suffolk or Nassau County home.