What Is ULSHO?

Did you know that today’s heating oil burns 95 percent cleaner than it did 50 years ago?

One major reason that’s true is because so much sulfur has been removed from the fuel – a process that has happened slowly over time, but more quickly in recent years.

Today’s super-clean, ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) contains 15 parts-per-million (ppm) of sulfur or less – down from the 500 ppm levels established in 2014 (and 3,000 ppm before that).

What do those numbers mean though? Those numbers mean a lot for the environment, and ultimately for you, since ULSHO produces 90% percent less ash* and nearly 40x times less cancer-causing soot** than regular heating oil. The eco benefits of ULSHO don’t stop there, either: ULSHO also cuts out 99% percent of sulfur dioxide emissions (a leading contributor to acid rain and smog), 97% percent of airborne emissions, and 30% percent of NOx emissions compared to regular “traditional” heating oil. *

Big Benefits Closer To Home, Too

It’s pretty clear that ULSHO helps the planet, but what does it do for you and your family? How about reducing the number of equipment repairs you’ll need to make – or lowering your monthly heating bills?

As it turns out, sulfur buildup is a common cause of heating equipment breakdowns, shorter equipment life, and lower fuel efficiency – the less of it, the better for all of us. Best of all, you get all of these low-sulfur benefits without having to make any modifications to your home heating equipment!

Southville: Committed To Quality Fuel Delivery In Suffolk County

When it comes to delivering the best and cleanest heating oil around – in the most convenient way possible – no one beats Southville Petroleum.

Our expert delivery teams work hard to make every delivery of ULSHO easy for you, offering such services as automatic heating oil delivery (free with our Gold Plan) and our Budget Plan, so you won’t have to worry about running out of or paying for your heating oil.

We even offer expert maintenance for your oil-fired equipment to make sure it’s running at its reliable best all fall and winter long.

Ready to save money and the planet? Join our family of customers and get reliable fuel delivery and quality heating service all year long. Remember: for reliable ULSHO heating oil deliveries in Suffolk County, NY, no one beats Southville Petroleum!

*Brookhaven National Laboratory
**Oil Heat Manufacturer’s Association