Get Assistance with Your Heating Costs from HEAP

Learn How to Apply for Federal Benefits So You Can Keep Your Home Warm This Winter.

Everyone has a right to a warm, comfortable home—and everyone at Southville Petroleum wants to ensure that you and your family have ample heat for the quickly approaching winter season ahead. For more than 25 years, it’s been our mission to provide you with the lowest prices on heating oil in our service area of Eastern Nassau County and Central Suffolk County.

Now, with so many people on Long Island facing a tough financial burden, we’re here to help you navigate the best way to afford the energy you need. It’s called HEAP, the Home Energy Assistance Program, a federally funded program that can assist you in paying your heating bill this winter. All you must do is apply! Let’s look here to get you more familiar:

What is HEAP?

This federal program in New York State assists low-income households in paying their energy bills. There are three main ways that HEAP can help:

Who is eligible for HEAP?

Various factors are taken into account. Eligibility and benefits are based on:

Can HEAP help me?

You may be eligible for a Regular HEAP benefit if*:

How do I need to apply for HEAP*?

You can apply for benefits online, by mail, or in person. The application form is available in various different formats and languages for your convenience. You will also need to gather and supply information about yourself and your situation, including:

Where can I apply for HEAP?

Visit this page to find for a county-by-county list of where you can apply for HEAP locally in New York State, and get more information from folks in your community.

Stay safe and warm all winter with assistance from HEAP and quality, affordable heating oil from Southville Petroleum. Contact us today to learn more or for additional assistance.

*Additional information may be required to determine your eligibility for energy assistance.