The Difference Between Diesel and Regular Gas

When You Need the Power of Diesel Fuel…Southville Petroleum Delivers!

Diesel—that’s for 18-wheelers, right? Yes, but it’s also used for vehicles designed to do heavy work. Think dump trucks, farm equipment, and construction vehicles just to name a fuel.

The difference is in the engines—and how they burn fuel. While gasoline and gas engines are lighter and deliver higher performance and more speed, diesel fuel and diesel engines are very efficient and powerful. You’ll never see a race car with a diesel engine! Additionally, gas engines work with spark plugs to ignite the fuel and start the combustion process. Diesel engines, on the other hand, use compression to start the combustion process.

Which Fuel is Better for Commercial Operations?

Efficiency and power are the key advantages of diesel over gas when it comes to heavy duty commercial vehicles. In addition, diesel engines tend to last longer and require less maintenance—even as they handle bigger loads. And from agriculture to construction, trucking to manufacturing and beyond, businesses large and small on Long Island count on Southville Petroleum for the diesel fuels they need to get the job done!

Southville has over three decades of experience supporting the diverse businesses of central Long Island with reliable diesel fuel service. We provide on- and off-road diesel fuel, with bulk deliveries as well as on-site fueling stations to save you time and money.

On-Road Diesel Fueling

If you operate a fleet of service vehicles that use diesel fuel, our on-site fueling and bulk delivery service saves you time and money, compared to the cost of dispatching your fleet to an off-site gas station for fill-ups. We deliver on-road diesel fuel throughout the year to construction companies, trucking companies and many other businesses with a fleet of vehicles.

Off-Road Diesel Fueling

Do you operate a construction company or other business that has diesel-powered equipment, or a farm running tractors or other farm equipment? If you’re currently buying on-road diesel from a gas station for your off-road equipment, you are paying unnecessary taxes. With the ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel that we deliver for off-road vehicles and equipment, there’s no federal excise tax—and you may be eligible for state excise tax refunds.

Business Solutions…and Beyond!

Our commercial fueling services are designed to work for all kinds of clients. School districts and municipalities also need diesel fuels and gasoline for school buses, snowplows, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, trucks and equipment for road repairs, commercial mowers, and equipment for maintenance of parks and public spaces, transit buses, shuttle buses, paratransit buses and more.

Our experts can assess your needs and help you plan, schedule, and manage your fuel deliveries. We’ll also help you track your fuel usage to reduce waste and improve efficiency. And we can work with you to plan a fueling station at your business or job site.

We’re always here to take your call. Contact us today to find out how we can make doing business easier for you.