What’s Included in a Heating System Service Plan?

Our Gold Plan Includes Savings, Convenience and Peace of Mind

Lots of times, customers ask us if a heating system service plan is worth it. The thing is, your heating system is one of the biggest investments you make in your home. You may think you’re saving a little money by passing on a service plan, but when you consider the cost of a single repair—on average, a furnace or boiler repair can cost between $300 and $400—there’s no smart argument against a service plan.

Our Gold Service Plan is designed to help you save money, even if you never need a repair.

In fact, our plan can actually help you save three ways, with discounts on the cost of repairs, included regular maintenance that helps reduce breakdowns, and improved performance that keeps energy costs down.

Here’s how:

  1. Save on repairs: With a service plan, you never need to worry about expensive repair costs. If you have problem with any of your heating or cooling equipment, you can count on Southville’s pros for top-quality workmanship and a speedy response. We’ll send a member of our experienced team of technicians to your home ASAP. You’ll get nothing but courteous, prompt service and a job well done.
  2. Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns: Our Gold service includes seasonal tune-up service. Regular maintenance by a trained pro corrects minor problems before they can become expensive breakdowns. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your equipment—an investment you don’t want to have to make again too soon.
  3. Keep heating costs down. An annual tune-up keeps your system running at peak efficiency. That means you’ll burn fuel more efficiently and keep heating costs down. In dollars, that can add up to 10% savings on fuel bills.

Here’s what every heating system tune-up includes:

Annual tune-ups also protect your warranties. Most heating equipment warranties require routine professional service as a precondition; skip your tune-up and your manufacturer’s warranty could be voided, leaving you to pay out of pocket for expenses that would have been covered.

Coverage and Convenience

Our gold Plan customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with great coverage. But they also get the added convenience (and peace of mind) that comes with our automatic delivery service. You can take watching your fuel gauge off your to-do list and stop worrying about running out of fuel. Our industry-proven algorithm is based on your typical usage patterns plus weather tracking that lets us accurately predict when you’ll need a fill up and schedule a delivery for you.

The Bottom Line

At Southville, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier and more affordable to keep your home comfortable. And our Gold service plan is one great example. Contact us today to learn more and get signed up.