How Much Diesel Fuel Does a Semi Truck Hold?

Southville Knows—and Can Help Make Commercial Fleet Fill-ups Easier

A typical semi-truck holds about 150 gallons of diesel fuel. Depending on what kind of loads your trucks are hauling, they’re getting about five or 6 miles per gallon. And with the price of fuel, it’s hard not to think about your bottom line.

Southville has decades of experience serving commercial fleet operators across Suffolk and Nassau counties, and we understand your concerns and your operational needs. We provide on-road and off-road fleet fueling services designed to be convenient and dependable for trucking, construction and delivery business needs.

Our ultra-low sulfur diesel contains only top-quality additives to deliver peak performance year-round, and we offer on-site fueling and bulk delivery service that can save your drivers time and save your business money. Here are all the benefits of our commercial fleet-fueling services:

Save Time

Southville saves your drivers time by bringing the fuel to you. We send a truck filled with the exact amount of fuel you need for easy on-site fueling. Whether you need on- or off-road fueling services for trucking, construction and delivery business needs, we deliver gas and diesel, as well as engine oils, lubricants and supplies.

Improve Efficiency

Drivers can spend more time on the road, working for you when they don’t have to spend time filling up trucks at retail gas stations. It also makes dispatch and rout planning more efficient: there are no detours or extra mileage to get fuel.

Reduce Fraud and Error

A drink or a snack added to gas purchases may not seem like much to your drivers, but those added costs can really add up. Drivers can also lose receipts or miscalculate the miles per gallon of their vehicle. Fleet fueling prevents those types or errors and fraud.

Save Mileage, Save Money

When you consider the cost per mile to operate each of your fleet vehicles, the cost to send them just two or three miles out of the way to fuel up can really add up! Onsite delivery eliminates those costs.

No Need for Storage

Southville’s team has the fuel management expertise that takes the stress and guesswork out of commercial fuel deliveries. We’ll work with you to plan, schedule, and manage your fuel deliveries to meet your specific needs. Plus, you don’t have to take on any of the risks or liability of on-site fuel storage. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Better Pricing

As a local, independent fuel company, we can’t do much to reverse the high taxes, refining costs, and other factors that drive up diesel prices. But we can offer wholesale pricing and bulk fuel discounts that can help you can save money on the fuel you need to run your fleet. Because you’re ordering fuel in advance and not just filling up, you’ll be able to more accurately track your fuel usage to reduce waste. You’ll also have a detailed invoice instead of just gas station receipts.

Ready to Learn More?

Our commercial and business partnerships are important to us, and that’s why we strive to deliver real value that goes beyond competitive prices. Find out why so many commercial fleets across central Long Island trust us with their commercial fleet fueling needs.

Contact us for more information about commercial on- and off-road diesel fuel delivery and become a Southville Petroleum commercial diesel fuel customer today.