Ready For Winter? Get A Heating Oil Delivery!

Have a Warm and Hassle-free Season with Southville’s Winter Prep List

If you think waiting for the first frost to order a heating oil delivery might save you some money, think again. Why? As temperatures fall, demand for heating oil goes up, and prices increase. Filling your tank now may help you avoid an expensive fill up later in the season.

We’ve got two more reasons why waiting to call for a heating oil delivery isn’t a great idea. First, fall is a busy time of year, and as it gets closer to the holidays the pace doesn’t slow down. Filling up your tank now means you won’t have to think about it—or worry about whether you’ve got enough oil to get through an unexpected polar vortex or nor’easter. And that brings us to the other reason not to wait to order fuel: timing. When a storm or extreme cold is in the forecast, suddenly everyone is ordering heating oil. We’ll never leave you in the cold, but a full tank now means you don’t have to think about a snowstorm next month.

Having a full tank of heating oil is a great way to start the season, but there are other easy steps you can take to make sure you stay warm and comfortable all winter.

Your Winter Prep Checklist

  1. Get a tune-up. It ensures your system is running at peak efficiency—which can lower heating costs by as much as 10%. It also helps prevent breakdowns. Have a service contract with us? A tune-up is included in your plan.
  2. Don’t have a service plan? With our Essential and Essential Plus plans, you’ll enjoy priority service, 20% off repairs, tank monitoring, plus that seasonal tune-up.
  3. Automatic deliveries. It’s another reason to enroll in a service plan: If you’re a member of our Gold level service plan, this convenient service is included and eliminates the need to call for deliveries and makes runouts a thing of the past.
  4. Keep fuel bills manageable. Our Budget Pay plan spreads fuel costs over 11 months, eliminating big winter bills. We also offer pre-pay and price cap options ahead of each winter season—watch for info next summer.
  5. Prep for safe deliveries. Be sure the path to your fill pipe is free of debris and branches, and clear a path (about a foot wide) after a snowfall. Marking the location of your underground tank with a flag or wide ribbon makes it easier for our crews to find. And please keep in mind that our trucks need a 9- to 10-foot-wide path to maneuver safely—and we cannot deliver fuel if your driveway isn’t plowed and free of ice. Marking the edges makes it easier to navigate, especially on steep driveways. Remember, just because you can get your car down your driveway doesn’t mean our 15-ton fuel truck can make it too.

Ready to Schedule a Delivery?

Southville is the company families and businesses Nassau and Suffolk Counties trust for reliable heating oil deliveries—and everything they need to stay warm and comfortable. Find out why: Contact us to schedule your heating oil delivery today.