Does Heating Oil or Electric Home Heating Cost More?

The Answer Might Surprise You!

The cost of heating your home is a big part of your annual expenses. Especially in the Northeast, and here on Long Island, where we can get the brunt of raw, blustery storms sweeping up the coast. We understand how important it is to manage those costs, especially when energy prices across the board can fluctuate so much from year to year.

That’s why it’s important to make decisions about how to heat your home based on heating power and efficiency, not just a price. Because while the cost of any type of fuel can change and fluctuate based on the global markets, its ability to heat will be the same. That’s why electricity can cost more than heating oil, particularly when it comes to heating homes in our area.

Why Electricity Can Cost More

The cost of electricity can fluctuate as much as any other source of energy. Most electricity is generated by burning coal or natural gas, so it’s subject to market fluctuations. But price per kilowatt hour isn’t the only factor to consider.

Electric heat takes much longer to reach a comfortable temperature and can struggle to maintain it—driving up your energy usage—and your utility bill! Even without geopolitics driving energy costs up, electricity will cost you more.

Additionally, electric heat pumps rely on outdoor air, which means they become less able to keep your home warm the lower the temperature goes. In fact, many homes with electric heat pumps need to have supplemental heat sources as a backup.

The Power of Oil Heat

Heating oil generates a very high number of BTUs of heat energy per gallon, so it will warm your home reliably—and more evenly. Higher BTUs also mean you’ll use your heating oil supply at a slower pace, on average, than, say, propane. That means you will pay less to heat your house with heating oil, even if the per-gallon cost of propane itself is less. Modern, efficient heating-oil systems in well-insulated homes can help homeowners achieve the same amount of warmth while using much less fuel!

Heating oil has a reputation as a dirty fuel, but the oil used in homes today—and every gallon that we deliver—is dramatically different than the oil burned in the past. Ever-more advanced oil refining techniques have produced ultra-low sulfur heating oil, with particulate emissions reduced significantly from the already low levels of the past few decades. And because it’s so clean-burning, ultra-low sulfur heating oil improves the efficiency of your heating system—saving you money by helping your system last longer and reducing breakdowns.

Ready for a Heating Oil Delivery?

If you heat your home with oil, you need a heating oil company you can count on for reliable delivery service. Southville Petroleum has been providing reliable heating oil delivery to customers in central Suffolk County and eastern Nassau county for more than 30 years. Customers love our gold plan, which includes automatic delivery service that helps you avoid runouts while eliminating the hassle of having to watch your tank. We also a budget plan and price protection options to help you manage fuel costs.

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