5 Ways To Improve Diesel Fuel Efficiency

Tips To Reduce Fuel Costs

When you operate a commercial fleet that runs on diesel fuel—whether they’re delivery trucks or construction vehicles—you know fuel efficiency is critical when it comes to keeping fueling costs under control. Diesel fuel prices fluctuate a lot—but another benefit of practicing fuel efficiency is that it’s better for the environment. The good news is that there are some fairly easy steps you can take to help make sure you’re running your diesel fleet efficiently.

1. Regular Maintenance and Tune-ups

This is a now brainer, because keeping your vehicles in good shape is not only good for fuel efficiency, but it reduces costly breakdowns and downtime for repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, and engine tune-ups, can help ensure that vehicles are running at their peak performance levels.

Maintaining proper tire pressure and ensuring wheel alignment will also improve performance, because your vehicle won’t have to work as hard, which leads to fuel savings over the long term.

2. Reduce Drag

This is particularly true if your fleet is driving at highway speeds, but aerodynamics play a significant role in the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles. You can reduce drag—that is, anything that creates resistance as a vehicle is moving through air—with some simple adjustments. Consider adding aerodynamic fairings, side skirts, and trailer tails to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

3. Driver Training

Educate your drivers about efficient driving techniques. Proper acceleration and braking, maintaining steady speeds, and avoiding excessive idling will significantly improve fuel efficiency. Consider an incentive program for your drivers based on fuel-efficient performance to encourage more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient driving habits.

4. Route Optimization

Efficient route planning and vehicle utilization can make a surprisingly big difference when it comes to maximizing fuel efficiency. Use GPS technology and route optimization software to help identify the most fuel-efficient routes and reduce unnecessary mileage. Optimizing vehicle load capacity and reducing empty trips can further improve fuel efficiency by ensuring that each vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency.

5. Try Fleet Fueling

Southville’s convenient fleet fueling services helps you improve efficiency in other ways.
For example, fleet fueling delivers savings on mileage and miles-per-gallon. When you consider the cost per mile to operate each of your fleet vehicles, the cost to send them just two or three miles out of the way to fuel up really add up! Onsite delivery removes those costs.

You also get wholesale pricing and bulk fuel discounts, and detailed invoices (instead of gas station receipts) mean you can more accurately track your fuel usage to reduce waste.

Ready to Learn More?

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